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Projects using SHJS

SHJS Filter
Incorporates SHJS into the Drupal content management system.
Yellow Duck Framework
PHP web application framework. Uses SHJS to highlight debug output.
Tool for navigating Microsoft SQL Server databases.
Ruby library for manipulating Git repositories. Uses SHJS for syntax highlighting.
Syntax Highlighting Bookmarklet
Highlights source code files directly in your web browser.
Archetype JavaScript framework
Uses SHJS for documentation.
Uses SHJS for highlighting Greasemonkey scripts.
Uses SHJS for documentation.

Articles mentioning SHJS

Joshua Go: JavaScript syntax highlighters
Compares several different syntax highlighting programs.
Various SHJS-related articles.
Recording Artist: Microbenchmarking
This article isn't about SHJS, but has a few nice words about SHJS in the comments section. New (modified) JavaScript syntax highlighter: SHJS
Describes how to preserve existing HTML markup when using SHJS. (Note that recent versions of SHJS can do this automatically now.)
Mitch Fincher: The Distracted Programmer: Syntax Highlighting via Javascript with SHJS
SHJS - “It’s just too easy not to use”...
alan dipert - SHJS JavaScript Syntax Highlighting for Tumblr
Describes how to use SHJS with Tumblr.
Veikko Mäkinen - How to Enable Syntax Highlighting in Tumblr
Another article about using SHJS with Tumblr.
S2 Works: Finally found a way to use SHJS with Blogger
Discusses how to use SHJS with Blogger.
Syntax Highlighting in Flex for AIR
Demonstrates how to use SHJS with Adobe AIR.

Other JavaScript syntax highlighting programs

Used by Yahoo!
Highlights source code in real time as it is typed.
Simon Willison's Syntax highlighting experiment

Other syntax highlighting programs

SHJS would not exist without the hard work of other syntax highlighting projects:

GNU Source-highlight
SHJS's programming language recognition patterns and default theme are taken from Source-highlight.
All the other themes used by SHJS are taken from Highlight.
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